Mansion del Angel

This quaint, boutique property sits on the periphery of the Old Town, at the confluence with La Mariscal – the contemporary ‘New Town’ of Quito. This strategic location makes Mansion del Angel a great option for visitors torn between discovering the amenities and nightlife of the modern city (where the locals play) and the picturesque colonial wonders of the Old Town.

Hotel Patio Andaluz

An excellent option for anyone seeking a more affordable stay in a colonial property in the heart of the Old Town. The lavish, 5-star Plaza Grande Hotel, that sits on the main square, is only 100 metres down the road – so you can get the great location for significantly less.

Hotel Carlota

Where does one start in describing this superlative, boutique hotel in Quito’s Old Town? The property was built in 1905 by a French architect as a private house. The owner’s grandmother purchased the home in 1966 and in 2016 he converted the building into a 12-bedroom hotel that he and his wife designed and named in homage to his abuela.

Hotel Mama Cuchara

A member of the select Art Hotels Ecuador group (with hotels also in Otavalo and Cuenca), this Colonial-era property is awash with an impressive private collection of native art. Most of the pieces – from paintings and sculptures to jewellery and ceramics – are available for purchase, allowing guests to take a slice of Ecuador home with them.

Napo Cultural Center

Napo Cultural Center offers a truly unique opportunity, lodging in the protected Yasuni National Park with the local Kichwa people. Whilst the accommodation might not be luxurious it certainly very comfortable; and the bilingual guides are both knowledgeable and passionate about the stunning biodiversity of their home.

Napo Wildlife Center Ecolodge

Napo Wildlife Ecolodge offers a luxurious stay in the privileged, Amazonian setting of the Yasuni National Park – Ecuador’s largest protected area. Since 2003, the property has been run by and for the local Kichwa Añangu inhabitants; balancing an authentic, exclusive experience for guests and using eco-tourism to fund conservation and community projects.

Galapagos Magic Camp

With countless, free-roaming Giant Tortoises and sweeping views across the south-west corner of Santa Cruz Island to the Pacific ocean,it is easy to look past the somewhat basic accommodation and facilities. The Galapagos Magic Camp is a very different entity compared to the islands’ other properties; and is more about local creatures rather than creature comforts.

Royal Palm Galapagos Hotel

Set on a 325-acre private plot in the Miconia Highlands of Isla Santa Cruz, the Royal Palm Galapagos Hotel is an impressive estate that could keep one happily entertained without ever having to leave the grounds! The royal moniker comes from Prince Charles’ visit in 2007, and it is easy to see why the secluded location appealed.

Galapagos Safari Camp

The Galapagos Safari Camp goes far beyond just impressive tents to deliver an extraordinary experience. Set in the heart of Santa Cruz’s highlands on a 120-acre former farm, the property excels in responsible luxury and responsible travel.

Casa Natura Galapagos Lodge

Hidden in the peaceful setting of Santa Cruz’s lower highlands, yet only 10 minutes from Puerto Ayora, Casa Natura is a great ‘middle ground’ between town and rural location. The property proudly seeks to offer a sanctuary where you can unwind with nature, rather than opulent indulgence.


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