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Why travel to Chile for a honeymoon? As a country spanning around 4,000kms from the north to the south, but a mere 177kms from east to west, the shape of Chile allows for many contrasts. These geographical contrasts are echoed in the political contrasts that have also shaped this wonderful country’s social psyche and so, for many that choose to come here on Chile honeymoons, the journey is both physical and mental. To the north there are the stark scenes of the Atacama and the high Andes, along its coastline, the abundant Pacific ocean, and to the south Patagonia and the Antarctic. With so much to choose from, it is little wonder that Chile honeymoons are high on the list.

In this section we have tried to pare things down to their simplest, and these are the sorts of questions that we ask our Chile honeymoon clients to have a think about before they come in and see us or call for a chat:


With the distances involved in getting from the north to the south of the country, the logistics of a Chile honeymoon are certainly a key factor to consider. The main airline internally is LAN Chile who have worked out most of the schedules to co-ordinate with being able to get from one of the major tourist destinations to the other without too big a delay. But it is worth bearing in mind that the flight times can be in the region of 3 hours + and so there are days spent in transit and extra costs involved.


Another important factor in Chile honeymoons is who would like to do what. With so many activities on offer we would suggest selecting a few interests rather than trying to cover everything…but there are a few places that will allow much without the need to travel such as the region around the capital, Santiago.


With such a range of climates and the constant ebb and flow of the mighty Pacific on its doorstep, it can be a little tricky to make any sweeping statements about the entire country. Please have a look at our “when to go” section for the best times for the main regions.


Of course, for any Chile honeymoon, this is probably the most important factor and includes all of the above points. There are some truly wonderful hotels that Chile has on offer that don’t cost the earth and so, with some simple planning, you need not spend a fortune and can still have an outstanding honeymoon.

With the above details in mind, we would then suggest that we have a chat with you about what it is you are looking for out of your Chile honeymoon. Are you looking for the wildlife of Patagonia? Are you thinking of walking in the volcanic Lake District? Are you more tempted by the wines and chaos of Santiago and the wine lands?

Having personally visited over 100 of the top hotels in Chile, we are perfectly placed to help you with your decisions. We have spent years eating the food, speaking to the staff, heading out on the activities and sending clients (it all sounds like a brutal job…but we have done it for you!). We believe that, even if you are in the most stunning place on earth, any Chile honeymoon can be spoilt by bad service or a lumpy mattress…the accommodation is the key!

We have put together a few further reading links for you to get started on; our favourite honeymoon hotels, the range of activities Chile has, when to travel and a few of our favouite Chile honeymoon itineraries.

If you feel like this is too much like hard work, however, then simply give us a call at any time or send an email…it is why we are here!

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