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Hotel Lago Grey

Newly revamped hotel looking to the Grey Glacier

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Hotel Lago Grey - Bedroom
Hotel Lago Grey - Bedroom

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Sitting on the southern end of the Lago Grey and looking out to the Grey Glacier, the Hotel Grey is, arguably, the second/third best property in the Park and is great for those that would like to do a glacier trip as well as seeing the Cuernos del Paine. The rooms and the lay out are fairly simple in their design and, with the daily influx of visitors to the glacier, it is not that private, but there is no denying that it has a spectacular location!

Located on the western edge of the park, Hotel Grey has, like all of the other hotels inside the park, managed to carve out a bit of a niche for itself…the hotel is the only place to go to for the boat cruise that runs up to the front of the impressive Grey Glacier, to the north of the lake. This, in our view, has become both a blessing and a curse for the property. The main reason for this is the sheer numbers of people that appear for the cruise every day and, therefore, wander through the main areas, disturbing the peace.

Recently renovated and built onto, the hotel now features a d series of second floor rooms that offer spectacular views out o the glacier and so, where once it was only possible to make the glacier out between the trees, it is now possible to wake up and see it from your room…a huge improvement. On the whole the rooms are comfortable and clean and offer a comfortable place to rest and relax during the day.

Similarly, the main areas make the most of the view to the glacier in the distance and, with simple but good food, it is a good choice for those that are wanting to stay inside the park without paying the sorts of prices required by the Explora Hotel.

In our view, this is definitely worth consideration if you are looking to stay inside the park and it is probably on a par with the Hotel Las Torres in its standard and service levels. Where the Hotel las Torres benefits from its location close to the Torres themselves, the Hotel Grey offers glaciers to its guests…

Glacier views/tours, located close to the Cuernos

Busy at times, far from the Torres

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