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Temauken - The Hotel
Temauken - The Hotel

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Another beautifully thought out property in the Puerto Natales area, the Temauken really does a fantastic job at catering to the lower end of the market. Outstanding views out from the rooms, a really cosy and inviting main area and just a stone’s throw from the centre, make this a really good choice for those on more of a budget. As with many of the hotels, they have gone with an organic wood design which keeps everything light and airy. Definitely our top tip in and around the town!

As with the nearby Indigo Hotel (which, for us is the benchmark for the rest of the properties in the region) the clever use of large windows and natural wood has given this hotel a light and airy feel and it has made the most of what is an utterly beautiful backdop of the lake and the mountains.

The hotel is located on the eastern side of the town and looks out across the roofs to the lake and mountains. Each of the smallish rooms features a good shower and bathroom, and has soft and comfortable furnishings. There is definitely an “Alpine” feel to things with the light wood throughout.

The communal areas are similarly well thought with floor to ceiling wiondows that make the most of said view, and comfortable sofas and seats in which to relax after another “hard” day!

While Temauken does not have the facilities of the other hotels in the area, it is really a great hotel as they have decided their target audience and have designed a hotel that caters to this is great style. It make not have the flourishes that you get from a more expensive hotel…but we think that it outperforms many of them in what it does by doing it so well!

Great rooms, very good service, good value, superb views

Lacks facilities

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