Jennifer and Larkin's trip to Patagonia

Jennifer and her daughter had a fantastic trip to Southern Chile and Argentina in December 2015. The highlights included spending Christmas in the Torres del Paine National Park and New Year in South America's southernmost city, Ushuaia.

Tierra Patagonia

First off we must emphasise that we are big fans of Tierra properties. They seem to know intuitively what their customer needs and provide service that is first class. This property is a relatively recent arrival to the area surrounding the Torres del Paine National Park and we were very exited to visit!

Patagonia Camp

Definitely one of our favourite camps in and around the Torres Del Paine, the look and feel of the camp is superb…but, due to its location a good hour from the Park’s northern entrance, it is a bit of an “inbetween” hotel for most. What the Patagonia Camp does provide is a quirky and luxurious base for those looking to do plenty of outdoor activities.

Meridiano Sur

One of the quieter and more intimate properties in Santiago, the Meridiano Sur is a great option for those that prefer the feel of a guesthouse to the relative anonymity of staying in a hotel. Featuring small but comfortable rooms, in one of the quieter, suburbs of the city, the Meridiano Sur is a good choice for a few days while exploring the area.

Indigo Patagonia

Far and away our pick of the hotels in Puerto Natales…if not this entire region of Chile! Designed in a contemporary and simplistic manner, the hotel has cleverly combined natural wood with industrial, blackened iron, beams that create a three dimensional interior framework. The rooms, by contrast, offer simple comfort and great views.

Hotel Rio Serrano

With the new influx of high end properties in the area (see the Awasi, the Tierra and the Explora Hotels), the Rio Serrano has definitely slipped down the ranks as far as luxury is concerned but we still think it is a good option for those that are wanting some luxury but can't afford the higher price tags of the others.

Hotel Lago Grey

Sitting on the southern end of the Lago Grey and looking out to the Grey Glacier, the Hotel Grey is, arguably, the second/third best property in the Park and is great for those that would like to do a glacier trip as well as seeing the Cuernos del Paine.


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