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Please have a look at a little of the feedback we have received from clients over the years...

Here at Chile we firmly believe in the feedback of our clients, be it good or bad, as it really is the key to us moving forwards and improving our service and the overall experience. With the price of hotels and flights only on the increase we feel it is important to know where we have gotten things right and where wrong. In the below, please see what our clients are saying about us and judge for yourself. (please note that ALL of the reviews we feature are 100% real and unedited. If you would like to speak to any of our past clients please let us know).

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Yes, definitely one ocean expedition ship the experience was fantastic , staffs was very helpful and friendly , we enjoyed a lot during the trip , and they organised many talks about this land we really learned knowledge from there ,

thanks again for your arrangement !

Regards, Amy and Albert


Amy and Albert

Hi Nick,

Happy New Year!

Yes, we have just gotten home after a 12 day Argentina whirlwind. I have to say that drivers from H&T Tours were great in every city we visited. They sometimes had to wait for us, but we never had to wait for them!

Hotels: 1. Club Tapiz was incredible. The food, the staff, the setting, everything was perfect.

2. Cyan Hotel - pretty outdated room, although spacious. Staff was excellent though and we liked the breakfast.

3. Hosteria Senderos - Excellent staff, room was tiny but very nice! Breakfast was average.

4. Mine Hotel - Excellent staff, beautiful room. Great location in Palermo Soho. I think we booked the right amount of time in El Calafate (2 nights) vs. El Chalten (3 nights). We felt like there was more to do in El Chalten, whereas the main draw in Calafate is the Perito Moreno Glaciar.

Thanks again for all of your help planning the entire trip!

Best, Emily

Emily and Joseph

Hi Ed,

Happy holidays!

We are home now after a wonderful and adventurous whirlwind of a trip. Paul and I wanted to thank you for helping us to plan the perfect trip for our family. We all had a fabulous time. Patagonia is an exquisite corner of our earth and we are so lucky to have been able to visit. Each of the hotels you booked for us were spot on. They were charming, clean, friendly atmosphere and relaxing. The recommendations that you made based on our expressed travel style and plan allowed us to relax in the full confidence that your companies' expertise was worthy of our trust.

We especially enjoyed the all inclusive Hotel las Torres. The staff, guides, food, excursions, the bar were all perfect. We made many friends with the local baqueanos and guides as well as other patrons from all over the world. We visited glaciers, hiked 8 and 12 hrs to two amazing peaks to Fitz Roy and Torres del Paine. We learned to horseback ride and then went back for more riding up the mountains with the well loved horses. We climbed Perito Moreno Glacier and enjoyed whiskey at the top. We got sun-burnt on the beaches of Zapallar and toured Valparaiso and Vina del Mar.

The people of Chile and Argentina are so friendly and welcoming. This was truly a bucket list trip.

Thanks for your expertise in helping us - it was the perfect trip for our family to truly bond, laugh, push each other up the mountain and just chill together.

Laura & Paul

Laura, Paul, Alex & Gianna

Hi Ed!

We had an absolutely amazing honeymoon!! Thank you so much for your help in making that happen.

Our favorite place was definitely Mendoza, and Club Tapíz had a lot to do with that. We loved it there and didn’t want to leave! They even gave us a bottle of champagne (sparkling torrontés) with cherries and chocolates to celebrate our honeymoon. That was a really nice touch. The whole place has an air of luxury about it that we were looking for in our honeymoon, and I’m so glad we were able to relax and enjoy our time at club Tapíz. We also really enjoyed their complimentary wine tastings every evening! It was a fun way to make friends with other guests, and it really felt like a family event. The restaurant there was also wonderful! I truly can’t say anything bad about it. Oh, and as a bonus for us, there were puppies right outside the front of club Tapíz! So every day we went out to play with them and it really made our honeymoon! And of course we had so much fun visiting different wineries. We hired a driver one day, and the second day we did a bike tour. Both days were amazing. Mendoza is such a beautiful place!

CasaSur Palermo was great as well. They were very good to us, especially on our last day when they held our bags all day long and even allowed us to shower in the spa before heading to the airport. The staff at the front desk was helpful in answering our questions and helping us to book reservations. We enjoyed that they offer a complimentary welcome drink that you can take to the gorgeous rooftop. We only wish we knew about the rooftop sooner, we didn’t find it until our last night. All in all, it was a great place to stay. And we loved staying in Palermo. I felt safe there, and it was easy to get to the subway to go into town.

La Cantera Lodge was nice. We felt that the photos online made it look more luxurious than it actually was, but we really enjoyed the pool and restaurant there. I ultimately wanted to feel like we were in the jungle, and I was still happy to feel that way. The falls are just incredible! We enjoyed every second of seeing them. At first I wasn’t sure if we should bother going to the Brazilian side (since we had to pay for visas, etc) but it was so worth it!!

One thing we should have looked into ahead of time was the weight limits on checked bags with the domestic Aerolineas Argentinas flights. They only allow 15 kilos, so with our purchased bottles of wine from Mendoza, we were over the limit and had to pay. I think you mentioned that you’d be going to Argentina for your honeymoon, so I just wanted to warn you about that. It’s not too expensive at least.

I’ll be sure to write reviews and post pictures for you soon! We truly had an amazing honeymoon. It was everything we wanted and more! So thank you so much!

All the best,

Marissa and Sam

Marissa & Sam

Hi Ed,

Seldom does a vacation manage to end up checking off every box. I have to honestly admit that our vacation to Chile was one such! It helps that Chile is such a beautiful country- I guess you already know this fact. But what made it a truly remarkable vacation was that, while I was out there hiking and enjoying the splendors of Chile, everything was taken care of to the best of my satisfaction, and I could just "be present in the moment!" Thank you for taking care to do such a thorough job.

I am pleased with all the accommodations chosen for me- they met/ exceeded my expectations regarding comfort, service and activities offered. In particular, I want to give a shout out for Jose, your representative agent in Santiago. He was phenomenally efficient, helpful, and may I say, even classy!

Take care,


Dinesh & Uma

Hi Ed

Apologies for the delay in responding.

The holiday was amazing and I can’t believe we actually did all of that.

It was well planned apart from a couple of incidents where timings were extremely tight. As you know, we missed the flight but even if the flight was on time, the turn around would have still been tight. Might be worth adding in some more buffer time in furture.

Thanks again for your help. We’d definitely recommend you and your services to our friends and family and use you again.

Have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year.

Aliya & Don

Aliya & Don

Hi Nick and Ed

Firstly, thanks so much for organising the trip - we had such a great time and loved it all. And for all your help and patience in answering my many questions before hand Nick!

I will put a comment on Trust Pilot - did you say something about putting some photos somewhere? We have some wonderful ones of volcanoes, street art, geysers etc.

Things we liked:

The Vamoos App was really good, especially the downloaded map - we would have been very stuck on quite a few occasions if we hadn’t had the map showing us where we were and where we should be - Chile especially is not very good at signposting!

Hotels - were really well chosen. We loved the history of the Pucón one (although it is in danger of becoming a bit too shabby chic, especially the gardens) and the views from our room as well as the wood burner which we lit on a very monsoon-like cold day. Enjoyed the Palafito experience - despite not being able to stay in the one we wanted. Did a self catering one for 1 night which we booked ourselves (Palafito Azul) then had to move to Entre Mar y Tierre when 1326 was flooded - this had a wonderful room overlooking the sea whereas the other 3 rooms were right on the busy road and it was very noisy with cars and dogs. However the feel of the big open plan living room with fire was lovely. Position of Palafito Azul and 1326 much quieter than where Entre Mar y Tierre was.

Also great restaurant called The Cevicheria next door to 1326. Lovely lady who runs the place with her boyfriend and sister. She wrote out a Pisco Sour recipe as well as her wonderful lemonade, mint and ginger drink. So welcoming. We also loved the 2 x Noi hotels - great buildings, and the best hotel staff of the holiday, especially the one in the Colchagua. We had such a laugh with them. Great characters. Adored the buildings in the Colchagua and had definite house envy. Also the position and history of the one in Valparaiso.

Hotel Fierro was great as well - not so sure we loved Palermo Soho but the area around the hotel (Palermo Hollywood) was lovely with a growing number of bars and restaurants round the corner from the hotel. The hotel lent us the equivalent of an ‘Oyster’ card and it was easy to get on the metro from there into the centre of things. All breakfasts were outstanding (apart from Cabana del Lago) and we fate well in the morning then didn’t need to eat until the evening. Trips and restaurants - we visited Fleur du Sel near Pucón - great food. Great experience at the Llau Llau Hotel. (Goodness, Argentina was so much cheaper than Chile!).

Enjoyed the ferry trip to Chiloé. Interesting side trip - 2 days definitely maximum. And definitely the right recommendation to stay at Puerto Varas before flying out the next day - having driven through Puerto Montt, it would have been a nightmare to get out for the early flight. Easy back road from Puerto Varas to the airport.

The trips in the Atacama were good, especially the one to see the geysers at dawn. Very good meals on both that and the flamingo one at sunset. Good guide - Victor. In the Colchagua we had booked lunch at Viña Vik - amazing building. Not sure we would run to staying a night there (starts US$1000 a night BnB) but lunch was worth it - food was good without being outstanding but the whole experience of the carefully designed modern building etc was great. Mr Vik is also a very interesting character having researched him. We also blagged our way into Lapostolle to look at that amazing building as well - just stunning. Loved it round here. Could have done with another day at least.

Buenos Aires - the guided tour gave us a flavour but we arrived at Boca too early and nothing was happening and there was so much traffic just after the G20 that we did sit in traffic quite a bit. Still, it gave us a taste to want to explore on foot ourselves the next day. - what amazing buildings - so many influences. Spent 8 hours walking round. It's a shame we had to juggle with days for our trip here as we understand the weekend is great for the market in San Telmo and other places. (We met some people who were actually on the flight we were told was cancelled from Ushuaia - they had kicked up a fuss and in the end the flight did go but landed at the International Airport rather than the Domestic which was closed for the G20).

The Tango Show was amazing! We thought it would be just a tourist trap - and of course it was all tourists there but the food was excellent - just the most tender steaks, great service. Show was wonderful - no complaints at all. Really enjoyed the whole experience. We did and saw so much - just a really great holiday - loved it. And in the end it was lovely to finish with some warmth rather than going progressively colder if we had gone south.

Definitely one of our better holidays. We are buzzing with all we saw and experienced. We didn’t need rest days in between - we just want to see and do everything when we are in a new country.

Many many thanks for helping to put this together for us. We are used to putting together itineraries to Canada, Australia etc but were so glad that we had booked through you with your experience, especially when we had to alter things right up to the last minute.

We would have been completely thrown without your help.

Kind regards Penny



Penny and Martin

Hi Nick,

Chile is super!!!

Although the Peru-an Pisco’s have our preference. But Chilean wines are very good. Due to so some many flavors in Argentina, both countries have our preference when it comes to wine.

Loved the mountains, Easter Island, Atacama, Antofagasta,Santiago etc we discussed and could not find 1 outstanding location due to the difference. But definitely 4 full days Atacama have challenged all our energy.

The wine tasting at La Casona is a great place to relax after a long travel from Europe to Santiago. The day tour to Valpariaso was really quite nice and informative, and having a private guide, it did not feel we missed anything by not staying there overnight.

Tierra accommodations in Patagonia and Atacama are the best. The tours included in the stay are diverse and we took the opportunity to do as many as possible. Having a full moon in Atacama, the Tiera Moon Walk is something you don’t want to miss.

Explora hotel at Easter Island is also lovely, and ceviche is super. The day-to-day approach for the tours felt somehow less planned compared to Tierra hotels were all is planned upfront (with flexibility to change if for example weather requires). Easter Island sun rise, sun set, and hikes to for example the highest top for full overview of the island are all well worth of doing.

The Terrado hotel in Antofagasta is only a 3 hour drive from Atacama, and a good place to stay and visit the Paranal Observatory. It was the only time we got concerned if the tour guides could make the Paranal visit schedule in time (pick up delayed with more than an hour to 12:15). We could have easily stayed another night in this hotel to explore Antofagasta, but time is limited, so we had to make choices.

In Santiago we walked a lot while funicular and cable car were in maintenance when going to visit San Cristobal. Costanera tower provides great views of the city on a clear day. Diner at restaurants like Punto Ocho, 99 and BORAGó completed our last enjoyable days in Chile.

The Holiday Inn hotel at the airport is very comfortable and convenient especially while check-in can take quite some time.

A great holiday with lots of memories of beautiful nature and friendly people we met, and for sure in the future we will be visiting Chile again.

Best regards, Inez


Inez and Lucas


Sorry for not replying earlier. It has been busy since we got back.

Thanks again for all the arrangements. We had a great holiday. Everything went very smoothly and there was always someone waiting for us at the airports even if there had been a delay.

There was quite a bit of travelling but we both agree that we wouldn’t have wanted to leave anything out and we are glad we did it all. If we had a bit more time we would have stayed 4 nights in a couple of places but we had to get back for work commitments.

Two very minor things which might have been even better if

- because of the early start and the fact that they do the same thing each lunchtime, we could have left Estancia Bamba after 2 nights and stayed near the airport for the flight to El Calafate.

- Awasi do Iguazu very well and take as much hassle out of visiting the falls as possible. However they don’t have a link with the Belmond Hotel on the Brazilian side allowing early access. If going again we would stay in the Belmond to do the Brazilian side and then go on to Awasi (or even the Melia once they get it finished) for Argentina.

However these are very minor points and we very much enjoyed our trip.

So Nick, a big big thank you for our wonderful holiday.

You were a joy to work with and you made the whole experience so easy. We felt very cared for and special every minute of our trip.

We would love to do it all again…only for longer!

We want to go to Botswana…. Or Namibia….or Tanzania….. next year…. Will need your help:)

Many many thanks Nick.

Mandy & Mike

Mike and Mandy


The holiday was fantastic and all the arrangements worked really well plus you and your colleagues were very patient in dealing with all our questions. The only thing we weren't really prepared for was that cash machines seemed to have a limit of about £60 so we found ourselves using them more than we expected. Liz

Liz and Jim